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Everybody; from the Autochthonous, denominated “Indians” by the Invaders originally from Europe,  to the Americans themselves, have been deceived and lied to.  I have personal knowledge of this because I am an “Indian with rights preexisting Americans.”  I know I was lied to because even now, although I have sought clarification of my status and the history which could explain what happened from every branch of government operating in putative “Texas,” no explanation has been forthcoming and I now know none is available.  I was abandoned by my wife and my children are all self-reliant adults, and, while I can sustain myself so as to continue fighting this cause of my People, I seek to participate in governance in this fraudulent “State of Texas” as the “Indian” that I am because no “Indian with rights preexisting Americans,” like me, has ever done so.  My job in this campaign, as I see it, is to do my best to disclose the truth about what the Americans continue to this very day to do to my “Indian” People.  My articulations will be bared here openly and I will pursue a means of articulating all matters pertaining to my efforts and the results as candidly as possible.  As I have stated my intent to be, I can survive the necessary embarrassments and affronts accruing even should I somehow fall flat on my face. What I cannot tolerate or accept is that knowing what I know about the Legal-Historical-Development of my reality, my People should be finally exterminated by the Americans as I am convinced will come about absent these efforts!
Rodolfo Rivera Munoz, August 31, 2016, San Quilmas by the sacred headwaters of the Yanaguana.  Aho.
Would you like to contribute to making history in Texas? Donate to Rodolfo’s campaign to bring him one step closer to his goal.  (If the process for donating is not complete as here found, please come back as I am now primarily responsible for developing all of the campaign efforts as well as the articulations of the illegal and immoral process of genocide of the “Indian-People” autochthonous to the Western Hemisphere begun upon initial contact by Columbus in 1492 and still now being pursued by the existing governance in “America.”)


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